Candidacy Review



After workshopping my progress at the science fair, I realized that the science fiction spin on this collection felt kind of incongruous with the rest of my work, which tends to be less earnest. I’m really interested in millennial behavior and pop culture, and my peers and professors helped me realize that I can easily apply that lens to this project.

So, I’ve tweaked my concept yet again: In an internet-driven world where you can basically be whoever you want to be, I’m billing myself as a cyber mystic capable of fabricating talismans on the magical build bed of my own Makerbot Replicator 2.

The concept of the line is that magnetic ferrofluid serves as an analog virtual pet that helps alleviate technology-induced isolation and loneliness– but as planned, only one piece in the collection will have the ferrofluid in it. The rest will be multi colored resin crystals (featuring representational 3d printed ferrofluid) that are associated with their own contemporary crystal magic meaning, inspired by and subverting traditional metaphysical crystal properties.

This embodiment of the project feels most aligned to who I am as a creative and critical thinker.

I also prepared a prototype of one of the ring designs for the candidacy review; below is a picture of Ava Burke sporting all of the existing STONEDALONE pieces at once:


In all, the “jury” was supportive of my candidacy and my end of year plans for displaying and presenting my project. Interestingly, they suggested that I participate in Demo Day instead of the Symposium, and set up a booth for private consultations as a cyber mystic. This could result in custom orders for modern talismans, or just generally help with PR as I plan to launch an e-commerce site.


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