A New Trajectory

The wake of my final first semester thesis presentation led me to some revelations about my project. Due to material constraints I had to move away from what felt like an important ligament of my project: magnetic ferrofluid (it unfortunately does not get along well with my hand-cast resin forms). A major goal of this final stretch is to reintroduce the ferrofluid to my final forms. As I understand the material (which has little written about it for novel purposes like mine), it behaves the best when stationed in a glass vessel. This is exciting to me for aesthetic reasons but also presents me with somewhat of a hurdle– I have no experience with glass blowing, so I would have to commission the vessels to be blown based off of Rhino models and subsequent 3d prints.

I visited Brooklyn Glass this morning in Gowanus to discuss my options, and I learned that one commission could set me back between $400 and $600 for something about 5 or 6 inches tall. These figures only moderately go down if I were to scale the piece to about 3-4 inches. I also learned that turn around time for each piece is about 4 weeks.

All of this has helped cement the fact that my next course of action should be finalizing the concept and narrative of my project before proceeding with any major design decisions– there is very evidently little margin for error or experimentation in light of glass blowing costs.



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