Preparation: Proof of Concept

For my proof of concept critique, my plan was to start executing on some of the decisions I alluded to in my last post: create 3d models and components for my pieces that reflected the seapunk/nautical aesthetic, but I also began to iron out some of my material concerns. When I discovered the ferrofluid it became quite clear that I would need to find appropriate “vessels” for the fluid in each of my pieces. After checking out The Container Store and Michael’s crafts I realized that I can’t stand to be constrained to vessels that I can buy– therefore I need to fabricate them myself.

IMG_3795 IMG_3797

The first material I employed was resin– I had initially planned to use resin for other elements in my jewelry (like embedding charms and creating “suspended animations”), but realized it could suit my needs for creating custom dome vessels for ferrofluid, water, and other magnetic materials. My first few attempts were essentially a flop, but around the third and fourth tries I figured out how to achieve what I wanted:

IMG_3855 IMG_3857 IMG_3858IMG_3806IMG_3807IMG_3808

I also concurrently did my user testing writing module. This was very useful to me as it confirmed that my materials of choice– particularly the ferrofluid– were as mesmerizing to my audience as I predicted:



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