Concept Statement and Design Values

Concept Statements:

“I am creating a _____ (app, game, installation, sculpture, sound piece….) for _____ (audience) to _____ (action, verb), evoke feelings of _____ (emotional response/tone, adjective) and thoughts about _____ (topics, nouns) in the context of _____ (where, when).”

I am creating a line of CAD (computer aided design) mechanical and automata jewelry for trendy millennials with a proclivity for statement jewelry to provide a metaphysical talisman or looking glass into energetic properties, evoke feelings of psychic control and serenity, and thoughts about the efficacy of visualizing/mental concentration in the context of modern life.

“I am studying _____ because I want to find out who/why/how _____ in order to understand how/why/what _____.” (from Wayne C. Booth, Craft of Research (Links to an external site.))

I am studying principles of metaphysics and energy because I want to find out how these elements can be transposed with our everyday life in order to understand any causation and/or correlation between psychic focus/visualization and daily occurrences and taken a step further, how I can create tools in the form of jewelry that can harness this power.

“By applying a _____ methodology, can I investigate _____ (problem, subject, etc.) through the creation of a _____ (app, game, installation, sculpture, sound piece….)?”

By applying a speculative methodology, can I investigate metaphysical properties of energy and conscious thought through the creation of a mesmerizing line of mechanical jewelry automata?

“I propose to research _____ in order to _____ (understand, describe, develop, discover) the _____ (domain of study) for _____ (audience/community of practice). At this stage in the research, the _____ domain will be generally defined as _____ (a general definition of the central concept).” (adapted from Gavin Davie (Links to an external site.))

I propose to research properties of metaphysical energies and psychic concentration in order to develop a line of metaphysical talismans for anyone likely to wear or have interest in statement jewelry. At this stage in the research, the domain will generally be defined as accessories for psychic mesmerization.

Design Values:

Who is it for?

The jewelry line will be targeted at young women likely to seek out and support fashion trends, especially related to statement jewelry. Individuals most likely to feel an inclination towards the jewelry line may have pre-existing interests in the contemporary occult: astrology, luck, fortune, and aesthetic trends like raw crystal jewelry.

Where does this audience encounter it?

The audience will initially encounter the jewelry line via online promotion (perhaps a dedicated Instagram account, links promoted through personal social media channels). It is also possible that the audience’s first brush with the product line will be in person via myself and others wearing pieces to organically advertise through everyday wear.

When does this audience experience it?

There are two main states in which the audience can experience the jewelry. Each piece will feature a range of mechanical mechanisms that allow the jewelry to contain a form of dynamic movement intended to mesmerize and focus the wearer. As such, the jewelry can be experienced in its “off state” for a comparatively static and traditional interpretation of the word “jewelry”, or when the pieces have been activated in order to reap the mesmerizing and focusing effects. These effects may be enjoyed in private as a form of meditation and centering, or in the presence of others for a more social experience.

What are they doing while experiencing it?

What the audience does while experiencing the jewelry line is dependent upon each piece; however, most pieces will likely require a simple and repetitive mechanical action (e.g., turning a crank, pulling a delicate lever, clicking a physical button) to engage with the jewelry and use it as a metaphysical looking glass. By nature, the audience will also be wearing the jewelry pieces while engaging with them.

Please see the appended sketches and their descriptions for more details.

What does the project ask of its audience?

The project asks the audience to engage with the idea that conscious focus and psychic concentration can impact change in everyday life. Much like the origin of these principles (hypnosis, mesmerization, metal and stone magic, “programming” everyday objects as you would a computer chip, and casting magical spells using only concentration and thought), this project asks the audience to remain open-minded to bewitching visuals and sensations as well as thought focusing techniques like controlled visualization.

What do you want the audience to take away from their experience?

My hope is that the audience will view these jewelry pieces as an secondary lifeline. Just as someone might purchase a quartz crystal in hopes of supplementing physical health and mental focus, the audience will engage with the jewelry line in order to feel a sense of control over elements in life that tend to feel out of control. Perhaps most importantly, I hope the audience place equal value on the line’s aesthetic merits and the metaphysical and psychic properties.

What are some adjectives around how the project will make its audience feel?

The project will make the audience feel in touch and connected with themselves, as well as fascinated, focused, and open-minded. The simple kinetic mechanisms and associated gestures could have a therapeutic, comforting, and satisfying effect on the audience, as well.

Ultimately, what problem are you trying to solve (if design-oriented)? What are you trying express or convey (if art-focused)?

This project is currently governed by two main goals: creating jewelry that “does something” and establishes various methodologies to create visual dynamic change within a single jewelry piece; and creating a line of visually appealing accessories that can visually and mentally stimulate the wearer, thereby encouraging them to focus and channel their thought towards a deliberate and intentional goal.

Additional Sketches and Details:

One example of the pieces to be included in this collection is pair of “looking glasses” redolent of both vintage opera glasses and the classic ViewMaster (original virtual reality/3d viewing toy). The device will have an ornate appearance and hang around the wearer’s neck, calling to mind pendant style jewelry. When desired, the user will fold out the eye pieces and look into them. The content in the 3d viewing reel will be designed to help the user focus and channel their thought in a mesmerizing and meditative way. When the wearer is finished, the piece resumes its role as a decorative statement piece. (3d modeling, 3d printing, and laser cut acrylic).


2. Another example is my concept for a dynamic planetary sigil necklace. The necklace will feature an acrylic cube large enough to contain representational “slides” of the eleven planetary symbols. Each planet is associated with a range of traits and characteristics, so this necklace is designed to enable the wearer to invoke the desired planetary traits with respect to their own needs. The wearer creates custom planetary sigils by sliding up the lever for each given planet such that it is displayed in the cube while the rest is hidden from view. Displaying the combination of planetary symbols forms a unique sigil for focusing energy and metaphysical prayer, while the very act of maneuvering the levers creates a meditative state for the wearer. (laser cut acrylic/mixed media, 3d printed base).

IMG_3371 IMG_3372

3. Another example is my concept for a mesmerizing automata ring depicting a serpent slithering across the wearer’s four fingers. The following is a beautifully executed precedent that helps illustrate the concept (via (3d printing, mixed media).

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.56.50 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.56.58 PM


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